Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Results of the Negative Thought Fast

Okay, I’ve completed over 24 hours of the negative thought fast. Here’s what I've learned from doing it consciously:

• I’ve prayed wherever I started to worry or engage a negative thought. It worked! I’ve been very concerned about my son, who is really ill right now. Instead of stewing about his health, I’ve prayed for him every time I was tempted to worry about him. What a better use of my energy.

• I’ve turned off music and television wherever anything negative appeared, including commercials. I feel much more peaceful.

• I’ve spent more time pondering the scriptures. Oh, it feels so good.

• I’ve called a friend whose husband has cancer. We had a wonderful visit. I feel more compassionate today.

• I have been very selective about anything I’ve read online or in print.

• I’ve thought more about God and have been more grateful for His blessings.

• I’ve listened to some uplifting talks on CD. Oh, it’s been like heaven. I need to do this more.

• I’ve listened to some beautiful music.

• I’ve felt happier and calmer.

• I had a wonderful day.

• I slept peacefully last night, and I tend to have sleep issues.

Did you try the negative thought fast? Any comments?

© Carol Brown

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