Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Reducing and Eliminating Stress

We live in a fast-paced world that encourages us to be busy, productive, and successful. We seldom hear that we need to be peace-filled, calm, and content in order to be happy. We assume that if we buy more, do more, and achieve more, we will be more fulfilled only to discover worldly things may provide temporary pleasure but not permanent peace.

Doctors, psychologists, therapists, health professional, and religious leaders know that when we live with constant anxiety and stress, we risk becoming emotionally or physically ill. Unfortunately, the hectic pace of life can destroy our quality of life. Some simple practices can help us reclaim our ability to live a healthy, balanced life.

Consider how the following will help you life a more peaceful, joy-filled life:

• Daily renewal. Setting aside a few moments each day for meditation and prayer can be an inspiring process. Taking a few moments for reflection, for listening to the sounds of nature, and for self-renewal can be priceless.

• Weekly renewal. We need to taking one day a week to rest from work, shopping, and daily chores so that we can recharge our spiritual batteries and increase our peace of mind. Taking time to worship, to praise God, and to remember our many blessings can be a healing time on that day. Each Sabbath, we can deepen our relationship with the Lord, with our loved ones and neighbors, and with ourselves. We can learn how to better love ourselves. As we remove ourselves from worldly things, we can discover the purpose for which we were created.

• Monthly renewal. Spending a few hours each month eliminating clutter from our surroundings, planning ways to live more prudently, and planning activities that will bring balance and restoration to our souls can be invaluable. When our homes are free from clutter, we experience greater serenity. As we discover how to live on less and incorporate activities into our lives that foster healing and wholeness, we experience greater peace. A simple walk in the park, spending time with good friends and family members, and reading inspirational literature can edify us and enrich our lives.

• Yearly renewal. Taking a few days each year to go on a retreat or to return to a natural environment can be most healing. Whether you camp in the woods, spend time beside a sea shore, or visit a National Park, as we spend time amid God’s glorious creations, we experience greater peace. You cannot purchase peace in a mall, a catalog, or a store. You find it as you spend time savoring the beauties of nature.

• Continuous renewal. Throughout the day, as we open ourselves to peaceful thoughts, words, and activities, we discover the path to perfect peace. As we meditate on God’s perfect love for us, live in a spirit of mindfulness and contentment, we can experience peace amid sorrow. Although we may not have financial abundance, good health, or an ideal job, we can experience serenity as we center our hearts on a Higher Power. He has promised that as we yoke ourselves to Him, we will experience rest.

As we renew our bodies, minds, and spirits daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly and as we make self-renewal a part of our everyday living, we discover that peace is inside us, waiting to be discovered and nurtured. As we live balanced lives, we will discover ways to define our lives not by what we do but by who we are. We will recognize our life’s purpose and realize that God’s is waiting to help us fulfill it one with each breath we take, thought we think, and word we speak.
© Carol Brown

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