Wednesday, April 27, 2011

I Know that My Redeemer Lives

The Savior I love healed the sick, the blind, and the infirm. He showed compassion for those who were weak, ostracized, or despised. Even an ailing woman who touched the hem of His clock was healed because of her faith in Him. He ate with sinners and treated women as equals. He is a God of love.

The Savior I love fed five thousand people with a boy's offering of five fishes and two loaves of bread, yet after the people feasted until they were full, there was enough food left over to fill twelve baskets. He is a God of generosity.

The Savior I worship forgave an adulterous woman who was about to be stoned and asked her accusers to condemn her only if they were without sin. He forgave the soldiers who crucified Him while suffering on the cross. He is a God of mercy.

The Savior I love calmed the troubled seas, turned water into wine at a wedding celebration, and comforted the broken hearted. He raised the dead. He suffered beyond anything we can comprehend for you and for me. He laid down His life for us and then took it up again, that each of us may be resurrected. He is a God of power.

The Christ I worship has infinite love, goodness, and purity. He asks us to follow Him so that we can be happy. He asks us to love Him so we can find peace.

© Carol Brown


  1. Thanks for the comment. It comforts me to know that He is our God and that He loves all of His children, even those who have not yet discovered His love.


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