Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Simple Joys of Gratitude

I enjoy the spirit of Thanksgiving which invites us to celebrate the blessings we enjoy. My friend Rosemary tapes a large poster to the wall of her foyer and then invites all who enter her home to write down one of their blessings. By Thanksgiving the poster is covered with blessings—large and small—that her friends and family appreciate.

A Facebook trend this year is so post one blessing you appreciate for each day of November. As I read the posts, I feel more gratitude for the gifts that can be easily taken for granted.

Besides reflecting on our blessings or keeping a gratitude journal, think of all the fun ways you can express thanks:

• Write down 10—or 100—things you love about a friend or family member and include the list in a cheerful card.

• Write a thank-you note to your neighbor, spouse, child, loved one, or parent.

• Post a positive phrase or two on your friends’ Facebook pages.

• Mail a letter to a political or religious leader, telling them what they are doing well.

• Thank your waiter, maid, barber, or beautician for exception service with a generous tip and a kind word.

Research shows that feeling and expressing gratitude improves our mental and physical health. My experience shows that a spirit of thankfulness increases our peace of mind and enhances the simple joys of living. It is a gift we give to ourselves along with others.

Thanks so much for reading this blog and a special thanks for your kind and gracious comments. I appreciate each one of you. You allow me to pursue my passion, which is learning and writing.

© Carol Brown

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