Wednesday, December 29, 2010

How to Create a Peace-filled New Year

Typically, at this time of year we make a list of things we hope to accomplish during the coming year and eventually discover that we have not succeeded in accomplishing our goals. Although this works for some, there is an easier way to achieve our dreams. This begins with changing our thinking.

Since our subconscious believes everything we tell it, we can make a list of our aspirations and then write down a statement that shows we already have completed our goal. For example, instead of saying, “I will lose 5/10/15 pounds this year,” say, “ I eat nutritious foods in moderate portions, and I feel healthy and fit.”

Here are some other examples of positive affirmations that can make your aspirations become a reality:

• I spend quality time with my family and friends.

• I enjoy every moment and live mindfully.

• I celebrate life and appreciate the beauties around me.

• I am a positive person and speak encouraging words to others.

• I live simply and joyfully.

• I draw into my life people who are positive and loving.

• I replace negative thoughts with positive ones.

• I love myself just as I am.

Write down the affirmations that you choose and put them where you see them daily. You may also decide to include a copy in your journal, purse, wallet, or planner. Then, as you read them, ask God to help you accomplish them. He is the true Peace-giver, and He will help you become everything that He wants you to be.

May this year be filled with peace as you reflect only on positive affirmations that increase your personal serenity. And, as we fill our own hearts with peace, that peace radiates to others.

Happy, peace-filled New Year!

© Carol Brown

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