Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

I love Valentine's Day because it provides us with opportunities to show love to those around us. There are lonely people we can cheer, sad people we can encourage, and forgotten people we can celebrate. What a glorious day!

My friend, Dianne, a recent widow, is opening up her heart and home to tend her neighbors' children, so they can celebrate the evening with their spouses. During a time of great sorrow, she is finding peace as she shares her love with others.

My granddaughter and I visited a shut-in, and this sweet woman brought us more joy and happiness than we could ever have brought her. Love is such a beautiful thing, for when we give love, we receive greater love.

Today look around you and see if there is a few people you can love: a widowed neighbor, a shy co-worker, a forgotten friend. Make a call. Drop by a card. Smile. Share your love.

Remember there are those whose hearts are broken, who are lonely and friendless, who may have fallen, and who are not currently able to enjoy life. Extend the hand of hope. Embrace with an arm of appreciation and affection. Be the balm of blessing to another. Enjoy the day!

© Carol Brown

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