Friday, December 30, 2011

Always Remember Him

When we pray to and praise God continually, we find peace. As we focus our thoughts on the Lord during the day, we experience a peace that passes all understand. We do not worry about the future because we trust that God is guiding us. We do not anguish because of past events because we give our hearts to the Lord. We know that He forgives, loves and heals us. He is our Redeemer, our Rock, and our best and most loyal Friend. He will never forsake us!

When we remember our Creator continually, we care more about Him than anything else. We love Him more than anything else. We honor Him more than anything else.

We are never alone with God is with us. Knowing that He is by our side, we realize that we can overcome all things. Because He strengthens us, we know that we can endure any trials or temptations that we face.

Each morning we can reflect on His perfect love for us and on His tender mercies. As we study the word of God and remember the Word, we discover that we can find peace even when life is difficult. We can find peace even when others betray us, when we are sick or tired, or when we feel overwhelmed by the burdens of life.

As we pray, we can ask God to manifest His love to us. We can ask Him to guide us in each decision that we make. We can praise Him for the countless ways He blesses us, provides for us, and protects us. We can ask for His protection and direction.

This week I went alone to a second doctor’s visit. My husband was far away on a business trip, and doctors wanted me to undergo a second series of diagnostic x-rays to determine whether or not I had cancer. As a prayed, I felt perfect peace. I knew that whether or not I had a serious health problem, God was with me. I knew He cared about me and loved me. I prepared for a good result but also knew that if the outcome was bad, the Lord would comfort me.

Happily, the results were positive but this experience taught me that even during difficult times, I can experience peace as I focus my thoughts on my loving Father and trust in His tender care. May you find peace today as you seek to center your heart, mind, and emotions on the Lord. Remember, He said, “I will not leave you comfortless. I will come to you.”

© Carol Brown


  1. Your faith is SO strong. I want to be in the place you are and hopefully as I delve into the Word of God, I will learn and grow.

  2. Thank you so much for your encouraging posts, middle child. My faith is still growing but I'm grateful when it is strong enough to carry me through hard times and hand on with endurance and trust in God when life is so difficult that I can't imagine I'll survive :)


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