Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Positive Living

Researchers have found that two simple things can increase our sense of well-being and our peace of mind. First, they found that writing about your thoughts and feelings 20 minutes each day enhances our happiness. They also discovered that either writing in a gratitude journal, where we record five things you appreciate each day, or expressing gratitude to others on a daily basis increases our joy. Such simple acts with such big results!

Dr. Martin Seligman began the empirical study of happiness in 1998 and has written a best-selling book, Learned Optimism, that discusses the qualities and behaviors that create or enhance happiness in our lives. He also provides free tests, newsletters, and information on his website that provides simple ways to find peace of mind.

Professor Ed Diener’s research on positive psychology shows that three things increase one’s happiness. The first component is having a network of family and friends in your life. Second, a happy person has meaning in life, whether it derives from one’s religion, spirituality, or philosophy of life. The third element is having meaningful goals that you enjoy and that you are working toward.

With the negative tone of much media, politics and society, these tools help us find happiness amid the stress of daily living. Such as simple thing as daily journaling and expressing gratitude can help us enjoy the journey. It's good to know that scientists are turning their attention to not only treating disease but treating misery as well. Although these tools may not transform a cranky person into a compassionate one, they can help us find peace amid sorrow.

© Carol Brown

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  1. I do try to be grateful each day and write down my thoughts. It really does help. Thanks!


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