Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

When I was a young mother, I noticed that I did not have many of the talents that many of my neighbors did. They liked to cook, can, quilt, sew, garden, craft, and decorate. Although I could do many of those things (with the exception of sewing), I did not enjoy doing them. When I saw the amazing things they were sewing/cooking/making, sometimes I felt less than whole.

Eventually, I stopped comparing myself with others and celebrated my own gifts. I like to teach, read, learn, and write. I also like to perform music, speak, sing, and write music. Now I can celebrate the gifts others have without neglecting my own.

God created each of us with unique, amazing talents. Each of us has extraordinary gifts and skills that can make the world a better place. If we are fearful to develop or share our talents because we're afraid someone may be better than us, we stay stuck. When we are ego-focused, we can’t enjoy the wonders of everyday living.

It's easy to compare ourselves when we're at our worst with others who are at their best. When we learn to accept and love ourselves just as we are, we do not feel threatened by the accomplishments of others. Instead, we celebrate one another’s talents, achievements, and intrinsic worth. As we realize that all of us are children of the Divine, we feel more compassion for others—and less competition with others.

We achieve peace of mind when we allow the Lord to create His mighty work with us—and with others—according to His timing and His will. As we realize that God values each of His children equally, we no longer compare ourselves with others but rejoice in the wonder of each of God’s creations, including ourselves. You are a miracle! God cherishes each of His children just as they are—even when they are ill, afraid, or discouraged. He is no respecter of persons.

As we live with gratitude, we enjoy the journey without worrying if others have more, accomplish more, or earn more than we do. We savor each moment, knowing that every good gift comes from God. As we remember that each of us is a divine child of God, we can celebrate our differences and cherish our unique gifts and the gifts of others.

© Carol Brown

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  1. Thanks =) Hope i can overcome too.. By His strength and love.


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