Thursday, February 4, 2010

10 Ways to Experience Authentic Peace

Inner peace is a result of every thought we think, every word we say, and every deed we perform. Today—and every day—choose peace. Pursue and seek after it, and then choose those thoughts, words, and actions and enhance your peace. The follow steps can help you find peace—even when life is sorrowful and difficult.

1. Accept and love yourself just as you are. As you truly love yourself, you free yourself to become all that you can be. You allow God to make you an instrument of His peace.

2. Follow your bliss. Ask God you help you discover your unique and divine mission on earth. As you surrender to His will, you will discover what your life purpose truly is, and He will help you become more than you ever imagined.

3. Write down those things that create peace and then build them into your life. Peace does not have to cost one penny. Enjoying the beauties of nature and listening to inspirational talks or music is free. Breathing deeply, refusing to worry about the past or future, and living in the present moment do not cost anything, and yet those simple acts can transform our lives.

4. Love someone. Call a friend. Visit a lonely neighbor. Make a pot of soup or a batch of cookies and share it with someone. Small acts of service can make such a big difference in our lives—and in the lives of others.

5. Forgive freely. Refuse to allow past grudges to destroy present peace. Forgiveness is one of the most healing gifts you can give yourself.

6. Express gratitude. Write down five things you are grateful for today. Thank God for all He has given you. The more grateful we are, the more peace we experience.

7. Choose to be a victor, not a victim. We can either allow the adversities of life to destroy us or to strengthen us. Our attitudes are truly our altitude. We can either say “Why did this happen to me” or “What can I learn from this experience.”

8. Nurture yourself today. Read a good book. Say kind things to yourself. No one has the power to destroy your peace if you do not give it to them.

9. Live mindfully. Enjoy each precious moment that God has given you. Savor each bite of food. Listen to the birds singing outside your window. Feel the warmth of the sun. Smell the fragrance of flower. Notice the light in the eyes of a friend. Be still, and experience the peace of God that passes all understanding.

10. Meditate for a few minutes. Think about a beautiful scene from nature. Focus on God’s loving kindness. Picture yourself enfolded in the arms of God’s love. Breathe in love, and breathe out kindness. Breathe in hope, and breathe out harmony.

Many distractions and stresses in life can easily destroy our peace if we let them. If we proactively pursue peace, we can find it. Someone said, "Have courage for the great sorrows of life and patience for the small ones; and when you have laboriously accomplished your daily tasks, go to sleep in peace. God is awake."

© Carol Brown

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