Sunday, February 7, 2010

Valentines' Peace

Last week I told two of my granddaughters—Emma, 10, and Hailey, 7—that they could do anything they wanted: go to the aquarium, a movie, to our favorite shopping village, or out to dinner. They thought over the options and decided they wanted to make valentines for some shut-ins and deliver them. We had a peaceful, serene time serving others, and it brought us great joy.

For those without spouses—and sometimes even for those who do—Valentines Day may not bring them the joy that it could. Here are a few suggestions to enhance your peace during this holiday that celebrates love.

• Make or buy some cookies and give them anonymously to some of your widowed or single neighbors.

• Send some cards to your friends or loved ones who are going through challenging times.

• Write a loving note to someone who needs some kindness.

• Invite some lonely friends over for a potluck dinner or dessert. Play some games or just visit and enjoy one another’s company.

• Do a small act of service for a stranger.

• Take a casserole over to a new mother or elderly grandma.

• Share some sweet treats or a dollar-store stuffed animal with a child.

This holiday gives us countless opportunities to enhance our peace by reaching out with
love to some of our friends and neighbors who may be overlooked during this joyful holiday. One or two small acts of service can make a big difference in enhancing your peace during at this season and throughout the year.

© Carol Brown

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  1. What sweet granddaughters you have. Great ideas!


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