Monday, February 1, 2010

How to Make Peace with Anyone--Including Yourself

Nothing destroys peace faster that contention. Each of us has the power to live peacefully with others when we turn away from contentious thinking and center our thoughts on loving kindness. We create peaceful relationships when we show mercy to ourselves and others—-the same mercy that we ask God to show us.

When people are unkind, we can choose whether or not we allow their actions to destroy our peace of mind. When we live in the present—free from past pain or worries about the future—we experience peace.

When we decide to respect and value ourselves and others as children of God, we achieve inner peace. We discover that everything we experience in life can teach us how to experience God's love more fully. Our enemies become our teachers when we learn patience and develop mercy as we learn to to forgive--even when forgiveness is not easy to do.

Some people are much harder on themselves that they are on other people. If you are oppressed by past sins, allow God to cleanse your heart and then move forward so that you can enjoy everyday life. Allow Him to free you from guilt and despair.

Some may try to attack us because they live in a state of inner pain and fear. If we hold vengeful feelings toward another, we become as miserable as they are. Instead of harboring hatred, process the pain and then release it to a Higher Power. We can cast all of our burdens—our sorrow, fears, hurts, disappointment, and grief-- on the Lord, and He will sustain us. After all, He alone understands our pain, for He already suffered it.

Today, consider if there is anyone--including yourself--that needs your forgiveness. Then ask the Master to give you the power to forgive. And, He will.

© Carol Brown

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  1. I saw a program about Hugh Nibley today on BYU TV and he said the 2 main things we need to remember in this life are repentance and forgiveness. And then I read this! Thank you.


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