Monday, March 28, 2011

A Prayer that Fosters Peace

I found this beautiful prayer here. Although some religions do not practice Lent and although your prayers may be phrased differently than this one, this prayer inspires each of us to experience greater peace and joy. Please enjoy these beautiful thoughts.

Lord Jesus Christ, I trust my life to you.

My times are in your hands.

Before I was formed you knew me.

I give my past to you

So that you can uncover and heal my pain.

Each day you sustain and give life to me.

I give this present moment to you

So that I can live fully immersed in your ways.

Your thoughts of me are precious.

I give my future to you

So that I can become all that you intend me to be.

Past, present, future--are all held in your abiding presence.

May I live always in the knowledge of your unfailing love.

You, who are patient and kind, carry us in your arms forever.

© Carol Brown

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