Friday, March 18, 2011

You Are a Child of God

Imagine how peaceful the world would be if everyone remembered that each person on earth is a child of God. Imagine how much peace we would experience if we remember that we are children of God, that He numbers every hair of our heads, that we are precious in His sight. This knowledge can transform our hearts, homes, communities, and eventually our countries and the world. This truth can create peace.

Imagine what would happen if we treated ourselves as creations of divine worth. Would be speak more kindly about and to ourselves? Would we forgive ourselves when we make mistakes? Would we stop comparing ourselves with others?

Imagine how we would feel if we remember that everyone on earth is a beloved child of God. Would we cherish our neighbors, friends, family members, and even our enemies? Would we respect people of all races, religions, and cultures, people who are old, young, sick, well, different from us and similar to us?

If people throughout the world understood this simple truth, they could serve as instruments of God in healing the world.

Imagine how the world would be transformed if every child learned that he or she has infinite worth--and that every other person on earth has infinite worth as well. Imagine what would happen if children learned to serve, forgive, and comfort one another. Imagine if adults exemplified kindness, goodness, and love in their words and actions. I believe this knowledge is the foundation of peace.

Imagine if people became peacemakers, peacegivers, and peace teachers. We can begin one person at a time, one day at a time, for one life influences thousands of others. We can begin today.

May we bask in God's infinite love for us, and may we radiate that love to His other children throughout the world.

© Carol Brown

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  1. Carol - Just found your blog. Looking forward to reading all your posts. Thanks for this one - I especially like the "begin one person at a time, one day at a time" thought. Linda S.


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