Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Counting Blessings

I've discovered a new way to find peace amid sorrow. Each morning when I'm showering, I visit with God out loud and thank Him for my blessings. I praise him for warm showers, realizing that many throughout the world do not enjoy such a luxury. I thank him for tender mercies like phone calls from friends, random acts of kindness, and the love of family. I express appreciation for conveniences like central heating and air conditioning, soap, refrigeration, laptops, and a comfortable bed. I thank him for things I easily take for granted: shoes; fingers, eyes, and ears that function well; the freedom to write and worship as I wish; a well-stocked bookstore and library. And I praise God for his love, mercy and kindness.

I've discovered that this simple routine makes me feel a lot happier and at peace with the world. Perhaps instead of singing in the shower we can praise God in the shower. It's easy to do, and it starts the day on a positive note (pun intended.)
© Carol Brown

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