Sunday, April 26, 2009

An Encouraging Word

Last week I went to lunch with a dear friend. Our waitress was a beautiful young woman with gorgeous blue eyes and exquisite brown hair. While she was taking our orders, I said, "You are so beautiful!" and the young woman said, "Oh, thank you! I'm having an awful day, and I needed to know someone cares." She smiled at us so sweetly as we left, and I gave her a generous tip, wanting to make her day even better. And in the process, I felt happier and more peaceful during a difficult and stressful day.

Two weeks ago I attended a surprise birthday party for a friend. I sat next to a world-class model who admitted to me that she felt shy and insecure since she didn't know anyone at the party. (Neither did I.) I asked her about her career, the movies she has made, and the commercials she starred in. (They are shown all over the world!) This woman is breathtakingly beautiful, and yet she hungered for a kind word.

A few years ago I helped host a group of dignitaries from Iraq. (How this happened is another story, for I am just a common, ordinary woman.) I asked a prominent speaker, writer, and CEO of a large corporation to speak to the Iraqi guests for ten minutes. Before she spoke, this powerful, famous, popular woman was absolutely terrified. After I encouraged and consoled her for some time, she stood before the men and gave an amazing speech, talking about the importance of women's rights in a respectful and powerful way.

Everyone needs an encouraging word! What can you say today that would bless another? What can you say to yourself today that would heal your own life? The Lord asks us to love others as we love ourselves. As we speak words of affirmation to ourselves and others, we give and receive strength. One sincere complement may make someone's day. Kind words foster courage and comfort and create peace amid sorrow.
© Carol Brown

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