Thursday, May 7, 2009

Media and Mood

Recently, Susan Boyle, who sang with such beauty that millions were amazed, was called "frumpy" by the media. Instead of focusing on her incredible talent, the media criticized this beautiful woman for the shoes, nylons, and dress she worn. They ridiculed her hairstyle and her eyebrows. They suggested that she needed a makeover, and she complied. Now, I think it's great when we try to look and act our best, but sometimes it's easy to focus on what's wrong with ourselves and others instead of what's right.

What are the themes of most television shows and movies today? Do they celebrate violence, immorality, cruelty, or contention? Do they present a size 2 voluptuous Barbie look-alike as the epitome of beauty? Do they assume that if we aren't nipped and tucked, we're unattractive?

We live in a culture that would destroy our peace if we allow it to. It would convince us that we aren't skinny enough, sexy enough, stylish enough, or smart enough. It would brainwash us into believing that only the famous, wealthy, vicious, or voluptuous are worth anything.

What if for a day or a week (or a month or a year) we quit watching, listening to and reading anything that would destroy our peace. What if we stopped spending our dollars on movies that promote brutality or perversion.

I'm a news junkie, but for the past month, I quit taking the paper and listening to any news that is unsettling. I feel much better. I also turn off shows that make me feel less than whole. I refuse to listen to people argue or belittle others in any form of media. And I will not listen to lyrics that do not promote goodness and virtue.

I am turning on a lot of beautiful, uplifting music, watching movies that inspire me, and reading books that promote peace. Life is so short, and our time is so precious. Today choose media and promotes peace and notice the difference it makes in your mood.
© Carol Brown

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  1. I love seeing talented individuals like Susan Boyle I think it silly that the media turned her into such a spectacle. Talent comes in all shapes and sizes. If only we could just honor people for their talents and abilities. As we all found, it was easy for Susan to go through a make over and look what the masses consider "presentable." It doesn't take talent to look good. I firmly believe that everyone can look beautiful, and that people that we consider frumpy or ugly can easily be considered externally beautiful. Ms. Boyle is internally beautiful, and I find that with her amazing singing talent to be the most captivating thing.


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