Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Simpler Life

When we choose to live a simpler life by cutting back and slowing down, we experience greater peace of mind. We can reduce the unrealistic expectations we place on ourselves: wanting a perfect house, body, life, career, family. Instead of wanting a perfect life, we can seek for a good life. Simple changes in our expectations of ourselves and others can make a big difference.

Dejunking our rooms, apartments, or homes creates a more peaceful environment. More important is dejunking our minds. Eliminating junk thoughts such as "should have," "must have," and "would have" fosters peace. As we declutter our surroundings and our minds, we create greater harmony in our hearts and homes.

Next, we can seek to declutter our lives. When we remove toxic activities from our lives, we are happier. We need to set healthy boundaries and say "no" to those things that steal our peace. We also need to say "yes" to activities that heal our spirits--meditation, nature walks, reading inspirational literature, and nurturing friendships.

As we accept and love ourselves just as we are, we allow the healing power of God's love to fill the empty spaces of your heart and life. We can learn to live joyfully and mindfully in each moment. It may take practice and perserverence, but we can seek after peace.

I have tried to live the perfect live, to be everything to everyone, and to say "yes" to everything asked of me. Trust me, this is not a good idea. Do not, I repeat, do not try this at home!

My mom and dad grew up when there was no electricity in homes, indoor plumbing, phones, or cars, and both commented that life was happier back then. Now, I'm not suggesting we all need to live in a tent and cook over an open fire. I'm a big fan of washers and dryers, refrigerators, and warm showers--to name a few conveniences that I love. However, sometimes our fast-paced world can steal our peace. I have learned from personal experience that as we live a simpler life--one filled with goodness, mercy, and gentleness--we feel much happier.
© Carol Brown

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