Monday, August 31, 2009

Eliminating Toxic Thoughts

Some thoughts can be just as toxic to the spirit as poison is to the body. Although we would never drink poison, some of us ingest poisonous thoughts that can injure the spirit and the soul. Negative thoughts can also damage us physically. Toxic thoughts send destructive hormones and chemicals into our bodies that increase our blood pressure, damage our hearts, and lower our immune systems.

Here are some toxic thoughts that we need to eliminate:

I hate/despise/abhor someone because ______________________.
I hate/despise/abhor myself because _______________________.
I’m not smart/strong/old/young/experienced/capable/pretty/handsome enough.
I can never forgive myself for ____________.
I can never forgive someone for ________________.
I will never be good enough to ___________________.
I can never be forgiven for ______________________.
I hate /reject/distrust God because _______________________.
I will always be miserable/forgotten/hopeless because ____________________.
I can never be loved/ valued /respected because ______________________.
No one cares about/loves/respects me.
If ____________________ doesn’t _______________, I can’t be happy.
If _______________ does ______________________, I can’t be happy.

These thoughts can be deadly. If we rehearse them constantly in our minds throughout each day, they can be an toxic as if we drank a cup of drain cleaner or acid. They can eat away our feelings of self-worth, love for life, and love for others. They can destroy our relationships, our health, and our spirits.

So how do we eliminate these toxic thoughts from our lives?

First, we need to listen to what we are thinking. What kind of chatter are we allowing to reoccur in our minds? Are we rehearsing any of these thoughts—or any ones like them—over and over again in our minds?

Next, when you catch yourself thinking a toxic thought, replace it with a healing one. For example, instead of thinking “I will never be good enough,” you can think “I am beautiful and perfect just the way I am.” Instead of thinking “I can never be loved,” you can remember that you are infinitely loved, valued, and cherished by God, who loves you more than you can begin to imagine.

Here are some powerful thoughts that destroy toxic thoughts:

I love others unconditionally because God loves me unconditionally.
I love myself perfectly because God loves me perfectly.
I am smart, strong and well-qualified to perform my mission on earth.
I can forgive myself for being human because God has forgiven me.
I can forgive others, even my enemies, because God will give me the power to forgive.
I am exceptional, amazing, and capable of meeting any challenge that is God’s will for me.
I love God with all of my heart, might, mind and strength and know He is the source of all that is good.
I am filled with hope, peace, and joy because I know that I am a child of God.
My life has meaning, purpose, and beauty.
I attract people who love and respect me.
I choose happiness by the thoughts I think and the choices I make.
I will not allow my happiness to be destroyed by the choices of others.

Meditation is helpful in quieting our minds and giving us the power to control toxic thoughts. It is helpful to take a moment or two in the morning and throughout the day to breathe deeply and to reflect on something beautiful, even if it is a memory of a place you have seen or visited.
Sometimes we need the help of a Higher Power to eliminate toxic thoughts from our minds. If we find ourselves stuck in negativity, we can ask God to help us, and He will. We can also commit to memory some powerful scriptures or thoughts to use when we find ourselves attacked by toxic thoughts. Here are a few: “Father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” “I can do all things through Christ Jesus who strengthens me.” “I am beautifully and wonderfully made. I am a child of the Most High God.”

Here are some meditations that help us eliminate toxic thoughts: “Every day in every way I am getting better and better.” “God is using me as a force for good in the world.” “I accept others as they I. I am in control of my mind, and I choose to think positively.” “I love myself, and others love me. God has a great work for me to do. He will guide and direct my thoughts this day.”

Just as we go to gyms to train our muscles to build physical strength, we need to train our thoughts to build psychological and spiritual strength. When we harness our thoughts by replacing positive thoughts with toxic ones, we tap into the incomprehensible power of our spirit. We become whole.
How do you eliminate toxic thoughts?
Are there any positive meditations that have helped you?

© Carol Brown

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