Monday, March 15, 2010

How to Find Peace

Life can be difficult. Those we love may lose their jobs. Family members may become chronically ill. Dear friends may suffer with cancer or other critical illnesses. Personal injuries may reduce our mobility. A daughter or son may be raped by a neighbor. Trusted friends may betray us. Those we love will eventually suffer and die.

Even though we--or those we love--may suffer, we can still experience peace. Here are a few ways that enhance our peace of mind even when times are tough. Note how these ideas begin with mindfulness or positive thinking.

Allow yourself time to feel your sorrow.
After you have sufficiently grieved, release your pain to a Higher Power.
Become aware of your thoughts.
Eliminate your toxic thoughts.
Count your blessings.
Focus on the positive.
Love yourself.
Smile more.
Enjoy the simple beauties of life.
Surrender your unsolvable problems to a Higher Power.
Serve someone.
Forgive someone.
Allow God to enfold you in the arms of His perfect love.

Changing our thoughts can change our lives. We can begin our journey one day at a time or one moment at a time.

May your find peace in the journey.

© Carol Brown


  1. I love how you said changing our thoughts can change our life. So true. Such power in that.

  2. I always look forward to reading your posts!! They always give me strength, courage, and hope to keep going even when things are tough and seem impossible.


  3. Thanks, Jill and Jenn for your kind comments. Jenn, I know you're going to make it! You have SO much courage! And, when you become a famous author, I want a signed copy of your book. Your writing is amazing!


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