Friday, June 26, 2009

About Storms and Flowers

During the past weeks in our desert city, we've seen a lot of rain. The stormy weather had produced a plethora of flowers which are lingering from spring into summer. As we hunger for sunnier days, we are surrounded by a fragrant array of roses, lilies and violets.

Sometimes we face the tempests and storms in life which can appear so unexpectedly. Storms can either strengthen or destroy us. If we hang on, trust in God, and allow Him to strengthen us, storms make us stronger. Then, after the storm comes the calm. Some day the Lord will return and heal this troubled world. He waits to comfort every broken heart. As we face great challenges and sorrows, He will sustain us as we seek His help.

Now, amid the calm which follows another desert storm, we are surrounded by more flowers that we've ever seen. When we endure adversity well, we learn compassion, patience, and mercy. As God's perfect love enfolds us, life is beautiful.
© Carol Brown


  1. Carol,

    I love the thought of storms and flowers. I am a firm believer that any challenge can either destroy us or make us stronger, it's all in how we handle things and who we turn too. Some challenges seem truly daunting, but these can be the very challenges which mold us into the person we are meant to be.

  2. I love this comment! Very insightfuland wise! Thanks for sharing. I hope you don't mind if I add it to the blog.


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