Sunday, June 21, 2009

Creating a Peaceful Life

The thoughts that we choose are critical to our peace. We live is a culture that tends to destroy peace, so we need to carefully decide which thoughts we hold in our hearts. Consider which attitudes are most prevalent in our daily thinking.

Are we content with the gifts God has given us or are we dissatisfied with what we have or are? Do we compare ourselves to others--especially air-brushed magazine images? Do we feel the grass is greener in another's skin, house, or neighborhood?

Some of the happiest people in the world are those who have no media exposure and who find joy in family, community, and nature. Those who visit impoverished people in Africa are amazed at the happiness they observe among those who have so little.

Do we reverence God and His creations--including ourselves and others? As we take the time to observe the beauty around us, our spirits are lifted. Liv's blog ( portrays the glory of everyday things and inspires me. As we are more aware of the wonders of nature that surround us, we experience greater serenity.

Enthusiasm makes such a difference in determining our peace of mind. Are we excited to be alive, to share the laughter of a child, to see a flower bloom? Do we celebrate our talents and the talents of others? Have we discovered the amazing abilities of every person we meet--including ourselves?

Holding thoughts of contentment, reverence, enthusiasm in our hearts creates peace of mind. What thoughts can you eliminate that may be destroying your peace? What thoughts can you choose today that will create serenity and joy?

© Carol Brown

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